The Album Arise starts up by quickly putting you in a praise mood as the first title suggests, Praise experience. Overall, it gives a vibe that lights up the mood anytime in the day. 

The whole album is full of diveristy and style ranging from Smooth Jazz, Salsa, Classical, Contemporary Gospel, Afro to African Dance. 

The song Eledumare is a combination of both an attitude of gratefulness and prayer at the same time, whereas Kabio Osi (No One Like You) explores and focuses solely on the grandeur of God. Opeloye O and Clap Praise are two tracks that I particularly enjoy listening to in the car while driving. They are both songs of praise with heavy instrumentation that makes it pleasurable to listen to while cruising around the town. The Salsa and the Afro styles respectively make them irresistible. For the person who loves just a relaxing music that still connects to God, Draw Me Nearer/You Are Great does just that. 

Baba gives you that smooth jazz feel with the infusion of the African beat. By Their Fruits puts you in the classical world with the beautiful clarinet solo. Also, for those in a sorrowful state, in despair or just in a situation that needs God’s intervention, the song Need Your Mercy is a song of prayer asking for God’s mercy as the title suggests. Arise is an instrumental that puts you in a meditative and relaxing state; It is good any time of the day when you just want peace and quiet. The bonus track, We Praise You has a funky, smooth jazz feel that makes you swing. The perfect balance between instrumental and vocal makes the tracks a delight for music lovers. 

As a whole, the album “Arise” is a very inspiring and uplifting one that easily changes your mood through the positive vibes the music creates; the dynamic-syncopated rhythm, the slows, the inspiring words, and most importantly the anointing of the Holy Spirit that accompanies each track put you where you want to be.


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1. Praise Experience
11:31 $0.99

2. Baba
4:55 $0.99

3. Opeloye O
4:37 $0.99

4. Kabio Osi (No One Like You)
5:51 $0.99

5. Clap Praise
3:56 $0.99

6. Eledumare
3:45 $0.99

7. Draw Me Nearer / You Are Great
4:52 $0.99

8. Need Your Mercy
5:20 $0.99

9. By Their Fruits
5:08 $0.99

10. Arise
5:19 $0.99

11. We Praise You (Live)
6:02 $0.99
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