Femi Ogebule is an American based saxophonist, artist, and a seasoned musician with over two  decades of experience.  

After graduating with an associate degree in chemical engineering with distinction, he chose to  become a professional musician. He received an Associate degree in Music Performance from  Muson (Musical Society of Nigeria) School of Music. Femi was awarded a diploma from  Associated Board of the Royal School of Music, UK. Shortly after, he joined the Muson  Symphony Orchestra (MSO) as the principal and a resident artist. As a scholar, he taught and  instructed at various schools in Lagos including the Muson Basic School of Music. He later  moved to the US where he received a degree from the University of Dayton, OH (as one of the  first African students) in music performance with honors. He has understudied and attended  workshops/conferences with great musicians including Bradford Marsalis, Kirk Whalum, Greg  Fishman, Ralph Wilder and so on. 

His sound on the saxophone is often described as inspiring and energetic.  With his background deeply rooted in both instrumental and choral studies, Femi’s music reflects  his passion for both worlds. His exposure to different music groups and genres helped him  develop skills in composition, songwriting and arranging. This exposure is evident in his debute  album, Arise. His music has gained so much attention that one of his tracks (Clap Praise) got  featured on the cover page of the Arts for Illinois website (https://artsforillinois.org/posts/clap praise) to help raise funds for artists during the pandemic in 2020.  

Arise is a gospel album with each track telling a peculiar story using various elements of music  covering different genres. It features both instrumental and vocals with an inspiring message of  praise, hope, mercy, faith, and love.  

He is working on his new album slated to be released in 2022.  

Femi has maintained an active performance schedule in the US and Canada and around the world  including Europe and Africa. He hosts different events (including Horns of Gladness, Date Night  Show, Happy New Month and many more) and seasonal concerts featuring big players from  around the world and his residence, Chicago, IL. Femi is committed to helping his community.  His support and collaborations with various organizations in community projects, his  commitment to youth development programs, the fight against human trafficking, and support to  the human trafficking victims have won him an award of recognition as a World Civility  Ambassador. He has been involved in some community projects and performed at many  celebrations including the World Civility Day hosted by the Gary Chamber of Commerce,  Indiana, the Annual Congressional Awards Gala hosted by the Congressman Danny K. Davies of  the 7th Congressional District, Illinois, The International Women’s Day hosted by Transworld  Chamber of Commerce, The American Multi Ethnic Coalition Annual Oscar and Awards, World  Day Against Trafficking in Persons hosted by Celebrating Women Foundation, Mt Prospect  Community band, Chicago community band, Chicago Clarinet Ensemble, the Blue Sky project  fashioned to help youths in the Dayton community with performances held at the Schuster  Performing Arts Center Dayton, Ohio. When he is not performing and touring, he organizes  music workshops training different groups in the US and Africa. He spends a little time teaching  both kids and adults at his private studio when time permits. As a passionate worshipper, Femi  serves as the music director at the MFM Chicago, USA. He depends on the Holy Spirit for  inspiration and impartation, through which his long-term dream, Praise Experience was birthed.

Praise Experience with Femi Ogebule is an annual concert that leaves the audience wanting for  more, featuring different artists from around the world. This event is one of the biggest gospel  concerts in Chicago. It has become a model for other gospel concerts in Chicago and the US. Its  global standard makes it competitive with any other event around the world.  Praise Experience Chicago is unique in various ways: it is held on the weekend of Thanksgiving,  and covers different genres of music ranging from Classical, Jazz, Contemporary gospel, Afro  Cuban, Afro, and African music. It is an event open to all with no restrictions. It is not only fun  and uplifting but also educating. Each time you attend the Praise Experience there is an  introduction of a distinct musical instrument which leaves the audience in awe. The event  guarantees the audience a personal encounter with God. Femi Ogebule’s goal with the Praise  Experience is to bring joy to people’s lives and homes. 

Femi Ogebule uses his music as a tool to bring unity, love and peace to people’s lives and  homes.